Our Impact

Ongoing Crises

The Global Food Exchange is dedicated to building sustainable and efficient solutions to preparedness and response to all varieties of disaster. Our core focus is on food and water solutions that are integrated with farmers, grocers, and school systems to ensure offtake, reduce waste, and improve nutrition.

We work with the world’s best and brightest in the creation of regional and national networks of stored meals and mobile high-volume water filtration solutions. Our meals have served struggling communities in the Appalachian Mountains, islands devastated by hurricanes in the Caribbean, and refugees in Africa.

aerial shot of a hurricane
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Our Work in the U.S.

Global Food Exchange (GFE) is working on multiple fronts to improve food security and the efficiency in the United States through its push to create a network of stored meals and water systems for response to natural disasters and related emergencies.
In addition, GFE is working with hundreds of mayors, political leaders, and folks from the USDA in the promotion of an upcycled energy bar for youth in all public schools.  These super-tasty bars can also serve as meal replacements with all of the daily minerals and vitamins needed for our growing youth.  With flavors like Mixed Berry, Chocolate Chip, and Tropical Breeze, kids of all ages love them.

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Food Security Ecosystems

As populations continue to rise, especially near the coasts in disaster prone areas, the need for an integrated approach is a must. The Global Food Exchange creates food security ecosystems that farmers, grocers, and emergency response teams love. Organizations that are better prepared have happier constituents.


Discover How You Can Make a Difference

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