Bringing Market-Based Efficiencies to the World’s Most Inefficient Market: Food.

By connecting today’s advanced food storage technologies with regular capital market investments, we have established an international prepared network that will stabilize markets and save lives in need.

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What We Do

The Global Food Exchange fleet of products and services provides the necessary critical resources needed for basic survival following natural and other forms of crises, working to ensure food is from sustainable sources and that the farmers, preparers, and packagers are operating under a fair trade standard.

How We Do It

Through advancements in modern technology in food drying, storage and packaging, the shelf-life of common agricultural commodities can exceed 20+ years. By standardizing and certifying extended shelf-life food trade, GFE has established a new asset class for investment and financial products.

It is intended that these assets be owned by both public and private entities, including benevolently-minded investment funds who hold the assets in GFE facilities strategically located around the world. These reserves can be used to fill trade gaps and inefficiencies that lead to widespread food insecurity and hunger as well as for saving lives in response to humanitarian emergencies.

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Who We Are

To maximize and ensure the benevolent purpose of the Global Food Exchange, the design of our model is based on low, fixed margins. In turn, governments and NGO’s benefit from a centralized exchange that yields lower prices, strategically located storage, as well as regular investment and production.

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Discover How You Can Make a Difference

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