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How to Register as a Strategic Trading Partner (STP) with the Global Food Exchange™


The registration process is simple. Remember as you go through the process that our goal is to help you save more lives. Information that is shared in this document is used for the following purposes: (1) Create directed training programs for members of your organization, (2) Establish what relief support we should prepare in what areas to best serve you, (3) Direct donors who contact us wanting to impact specific areas. (4) coordinate systems and contacts that will allow us to serve you with maximum efficiency.


  • Please read the entire document and enter data as accurately as possible
  • Leave blank those areas where you are either unsure or do not wish to share.
  • Please attach all relevant documents along with this application.
  • Please use additional sheets to furnish information wherever necessary.
  • All distribution, agency agreements and contracts are with Global Food Exchange™, LLC
  • Please feel free to add notes of clarification or inquiry at the conclusion of the document


All information is maintained in an extremely secure system, as we value your organization and your privacy.

Letter from the Founder
An Alliance for Maximum Effectiveness

It is my distinct privilege to share our vision for the future with you and cultivate a strong partnership going forward, as we work together to enable your organization to maximize its effectiveness in post-disaster response. We expect our relief partners, who have human capital in and around affected areas, to see tremendous benefit from a partnership with Global Food Exchange™ (GFE). In addition to saving more lives in need, Strategic Trading Partners (STPs) should see even enhanced benefit to their operations and brand.


Benefit from Quicker Responses

When disaster strikes every minute counts. The challenge of finding what is needed and getting non-standardized products where they are needed typically requires multiple sources and leads to tremendous logistical hurdles.


Through the Global Food Exchange™, Strategic Trading Partners can simply call GFE or login to the website to visualize available Relief Vaults and their location. Strategic Partners who have completed a Credit Line Approval form can order immediately and have products being readied for shipping immediately. Global Food Exchange™ can also assist in coordinating logistics models in advance for Strategic Trading Partners. This means your team is on the ground quicker providing the most efficient solutions possible.


Benefit from Great Brand Building

Relief Vaults are giant shipping containers that act as billboards for STPs. Vaults can be rapidly branded with proper logos for on site recognition, allowing donors back home to see their contributions at work and appreciate the impact being made by your organization.


Benefit from Leveraging Assets

Global Food Exchange™ can assist Strategic Trading Partners in converting shipping containers into uses that provide long-term benefit. In most instances these conversions allow STPs to work with locals affected by disasters and build businesses that will help their local economies recover. Global Food Exchange™ provides expertise in the design and operation of vaults converted to fish farms, aquaponic systems, homes, or businesses.


Benefit from Efficient Solutions

Through the standardized design of GFE Food Relief Vaults, Water Relief Vaults, and Shelter Relief Vaults, STPs can be rest assured that their solution is designed specifically for their region of the world (menu design, nutritional standards, cooking and eating implements) and has the right measures of each item needed (food, water filtration, stoves, fuel, plates, cups, napkins) so as to maximize benefit to the end user. This standardization also makes for easier training of volunteers and for easier distribution controls.


Global Food Exchange™ is a solution that is only as strong as its participants. We have been blessed with a growing number of distributors and alliance partners from around the world, and we are delighted to have you join us in our mission to provide solutions that satisfy the need for relief resources.


Warmest regards,

Richard L. Lackey

Founder & Chairman

Global Food Exchange™, LLC


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